February 3, 2010

Tina Scores!

Dah seminggu tak update blog hehe..
Bukan tak ada cerita, tapi tak ada feel lah hmmm..

Ni pun Akif tengah main dalam cot & Hafiy tengah entertain Akif ^_^

Back to Tina Nursing i bought from Fabulousmom...
Out of 10...Tina gets 8 yayyy..
Very comfortable..to wear on its own or as camisole (as innerwear)
Support is good..i'm on the busty side so..if i tell you it is good, means it is ;)
Easy for nursing

However...since the tank is kind of low neck (it's a tank, duhh ;P)..i made a small adjustment to the neck part. Added some lace so that whenever i wear my low neck shirt with the tank (without my hijab when i'm with my immediate family), my cleavage is covered.

The outcome...wallah!

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