June 15, 2010

Baby walker is no no for ME...

The news was tragic.
I knew about it while blogwalking to Ayu's blog
A 7 months old baby died after falling off / along with his walker at his babysitter's.
Worst...the babysitter didn't not take any immediate action prior to the fall.
The baby was taken for examination only 4 hours later.
You can read about it here.

I have never owned a baby walker.
Not with my first baby...nor the second or the third.
It is considered a mommy 'helper' for some especially when your lil one starts to crawl. 
Even though i don't owned any, my baby, my eldest did had his ride on a walker. At his babysitter's.
I never liked the idea..but, one can't be too fussy. Especially when the babysitter is good at taking care of your child / children, right?  Just had to pray that things like that never happen to your baby. And Alhamdulillah,it didn't.

Why I never like the idea of putting a baby in a walker?
* It is not safe
* Babies who are not yet able to sit on their own, should never be put on a walker. It does not help them to sit & pressure are being put on their back
* It does not help babies to walk early. My babies did fine without the help of a walker. Both started walking after their first birthday ( at this point of writting, Akif can yet walk. He's only 8 months old^^)
 Read more about why walkers are not safe here, here and here.

I prefer my baby to roam freely...and explore - with supervision that is. Let them learn to sit, walk on their own, when they are ready. I'm not judging anyone here. Every parents wants the best for their children & I'm sure that each decision is made after considering many related / necessary factors. And i respect that.

So, if you do put your child on a walker, just be sure to always have someone looking after them. And remember, safety first!

Love note: What is your opinion on this matter?


  1. I never owned a walker but inheritted one from a relative.. I put Sofea in the walker after she started standing on her own (after 8 months, i think), she didn't like it very much because i think she felt restricted.. I owned a bouncer thingy (cant remember the name now) where you attach it on the door frame and put the baby in it, the baby can then hoist herself and bounce.. again she would not want to be in it for too long.. so only for 10mins or so in the bouncer a day..

  2. I kalau baca stories like this, cannot tahan tau, mesti nanges and pastu depressed the whole day. Babies are not supposed to die this way!! So sad, and it set fears in my heart for the safety of my babies while I'm at work...



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