June 28, 2010

Two bags, one nursing cover, a pillow & one sick baby..all in one weekend

Wah..panjangnye tajuk hehehe

Middle of last week, I have confirmed with my friends/customers that I will sent out their orders on Monday (today). Come Friday, all of the items were 80% done. Just needed some final touches here and there before packing them.

On Friday too, Akif came down with a fever. Alhamdulillah, between caring for dear Akif, doing house chores, i managed to get them all done by 1.30am last night.

Here they are..

Chic Mama Tote - in Red

This was specially made for Ibudhani, a fellow blogger. For straps, i used the cotton webbing i bought at Craft World on my first visit there. It matches the bag perfectly.

Nursing cover

Ibudhani also ordered a nursing cover. It was my first experience sewing a nursing cover. All though it was very straight forward, i still refer to tutorials so that i will not make any mistakes. I like the one given by Prudent Baby. I used ric-rac to embellished the nursing cover.

Messenger Style Sling Day Bag

My second cousin, Aofah ordered a Messenger Style Sling Day Bag to put all her kids' stuffs in for their family outing. It is rather large and made according to the measurement given by her. She is a returning customer. She ordered BFF pillows from me earlier :).

BFF Pillow set.

Ordered by Dalia. First BFF pillow set made using designer fabric- Sway in Lime by Heather Bailey. Not as straight forward as the usual pillow case i nornally sew. Had to sew this one from pieces. I added some flower button as embellishment.

The orders are now on their way to their owners. I hope they'll like them as much as i like & enjoyed making them. Thanks a lot ibudhani, Aofah & Dalia.

For more details on the items featured, hop to Itsy Doodles Shop :)

Oh..and Akif, Alhamdulillah..he too has slowly recovered from the fever. Though still very clingy & most of the time cranky, he is all smiles & laughter again. Yayy!!! Btw..i see a white dot on his upper gum...could it be his teeth coming out? Hmmmm...

Love Note: Had any experience like this? Where you have datelines to meet and at the same time your child(ren) or your family needs you more than ever?


  1. lawanya beg merah Chic Mama Tote !!!!!

    i likeeeeee

    and love to Akif ......

  2. Thanks k.ann ^^
    I hope the owner will like it too..
    and thanks...will sampai kan ke Akif with XOXO skali hehehe

  3. mmg lawa+comel+best pn mama tote n nursing cover....suke sgt...mcm2 bole letak...!! thx Naza....tgh pk ape lg nk mintak Naza buat kan..heheh...nxt project k!!!

  4. Thanks ibudhani :)
    Next project? Boleh, insyaAllah.
    Kecil tapak tangan, nyiru saya tadahkan..



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