June 18, 2010

Mama Totes

I LOVE bags. Who doesn't right?
With a chickadee & a tot, i have to abandoned my handbags for a while.Remember my entry on my self made diaper bag?I love it to bits but it is white so it became comot so easily.I have now washed it & kept it. And i made myself another one.

The initial idea was to fulfill my need for a bag that can fits everything in- Akif's, Hafiy's & my stuffs..and even my mei tai too.And I wanted a bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag. I'm so addicted to bags..and it is even worse now that i can make one myself :D. Hence, the birth of Mama Tote(s).

It comes in 2 versions:-

Chic Mama Tote
A large tote bag / handbag that doubles as a diaper bag.
Can even fit babywearing gear.
Great for those who love big bags & those who have more than one child's essentials to carry.

Mini Mama Tote
A smaller version of Chic Mama Tote.

They are both available at Itsy Doodles Shop.

I am so in love with the two bags. Thay were actually for me..hehehe. Especially that big red one. But then i decided to put it up for sale at my shop. Maybe someone else might like them too. If nobody wants it, then i shall keep it for myself ;)

*Credit for snap buttons goes to Rozi

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