March 23, 2011

Scrap busting and a swap

I'm not good at patchwork. But scrap is building up so i need to find a way to utilise them. Throwing them away would be a waste as they were expensive in the first place. To sell..well..they are not THAT many ;). So i googled and found this wonderful tutorial on making a simple yet cute patchwork zipper pouch by Make It Perfect.

I thought it would be a piece of cake. So I prepared enough scraps to make 6 pouches. Everything went ok except the turning part near where the zippers were as they were fully padded. I didn't really plan on the measurements so ended up with pouches in 6 different sizes LOL!

Five of them are already up for sale at the shop. One however, I made it for a fellow crafter nickname Malaysia Poppy Trefftry :). Yup! it's for kak Ann of c.r.a.f.t.y.a.n.i.q.u.e. She made a come back from a super loong hiatus by making these lovelies. I like them all so I (shamelessly) nagged her to make me one. I offered to buy though, but she gave me one for free. Told her I would sew something for her so it'll be like a swap between us. I told her that..many2 months ago :P.

So here is the pouch I made her. K.ann, it's all wonky as i'm terrible at patchwork. So I hope the gorgeous designers scrap will somehow cover any flaws. Boleh na? Will send this to you as soon as possible ya (meaning...when I'm done with the orders I'm working on - which are all still less than 50% in progress). Sabar naa...hehehe


  1. Wahhh.... ! You made that for me !!! it's so nice of you Aza ! Tak sabaqnya nak dap at! Best best ... Tq tq


  2. Haha..lama dah siap. Tak pos aje. Sorry la lambat. Pos sekalikan dgn orders je nanti. Takpe ek....



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