March 3, 2011

Moon-ie bag and I'm over the moon!

My ex-highschoolmate commissioned me on a bag. A sling hobo bag to be specific. A moon shaped sling hobo bag to be precise. So I drew the pattern, made a real sample (meaning I used fabric with the same weight). I had to google on how to attached the handle and found a tutorial by tinafish helpful.. After two days and two nights (had to unpicked the whole bag on day one after I have wrongly assembled it..pffttt...) and voila! it is. I made it a shoulder bag. And it is in my fav print, Dandy Damask in Cocoa! Do you think I pass? Do see you the moon-ie shape? (please say u do). This bag is on the slouchy side as it is not interfaced. Initially, I used medium weight woven fusible interface (kain gam medium). But it was too stiff thus making it hard for me to gather. I decided to remove it. I gathered to get the effect instead of pleating it. I think, I'll use medium weight non woven fusible interfacing (kertas gam medium weight) when I sew for my friend next. What do you think? Any other suggestion for this?

This bag has 1 zippered pocket and 2 slip pockets inside. It is medium size so very roomy for the basic things a lady normally carries in her handbag - wallet(s), phone, make up pouch, keys, etc.

I already have a mama tote, a money purse and a card holder in this damask print. So it's great to have a 'normal' handbag in the same print to complete the whole collection, isn't it?

However, I'm willing to part with this gorgeous bag if any one of you are interested. I'll let go at a very special price :). Email me at if you are interested ya.

Love note: How do you describe the feeling u get when u have successfully completed a challenging task? Me...well..I'm over the moon :)


  1. I like the shape and the slouchy-ness of this bag, cant really tell about the gathering due to the heavy print of the fabric.
    if it were me, i wouldn't add any interfacing, would it not make gathering or sewing difficult.. or would it not make the whole `look' stiff?

  2. Hi Sue! I like it as it is too.
    Using the wrong type of interfacing does make gathering a little difficult and makes the bag feels stiff. On the look part, will not look stiff if we interface on the lining side.
    Maybe i should just stick to this method ya? ;)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. pergh... sangat produktif... (tabik spring lagi!)

  4. Hehe..thank you. Tapi jgk le bertabik spring. Tak tgk behind the scene mcmana ;). Nasib baik 2 hari 2 mlm..kalau 5 hari 5 mlm nak siapkan..mau ada yg kena sound hehehe..



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