February 17, 2010

Fabric Kraze...

I have got IT!
What should i do?
I don't think i can stop.
Have i gotten it that bad?
I don't know. You tell me.
Does going to 4 shops in 5 days means i'm incurable?
Well..i don't want to be cured.
I like being in this madness. I know there are many people like me.
And i'm joining them.

Want to have a close look at what my kraziness has gotten me?
I know you do..
Please...drool...Muahahahaha ( my evil's laugh) ;P

Shop 1

Shop 2

Shop 3

Shop 4

However...i didn't buy all that for myself. I did by extra for fellow crafters who might love dotties like i do. So..these underneath will be for sale..SOON. But i have only 1m each for every design. So...do check on the updates on these :)

*Love Note : Where can i find cotton with boyish/ children theme prints?


  1. hi... may i know??
    where u got all of this???
    im really interest to buy fabric

  2. Hi Aisy!
    All of these I beli a few months back.
    Kat kedai kain biasa je-Kamdar, Tewah.



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