February 9, 2010


I am finally reconnecting with my long buried passion...SEWING. Why sewing? Why now?
Well, for those of you who missed or skipped from reading my entry a few months back in my other blog, you can read about it here.

First thing i did was, sent my my mom's sewing machine for repair. It cost 1/4 the cost of the latest model of the same function. Kind of expensive but still way cheap than buying a new one. That machine i think is half my age. I remember using it for my 'ERT' projects when i was in form 1.
Singer 2105..too shy to snap the whole machine..

Then..stocking up with fabrics. Some i bought online while some were from a textile store near home.

Bought from Maymayshop

Felt samples from MsCraftShoppe
Bought some felt last weekend. First time meeting Ms Akma, the store owner :)

Went through my 'ancient' stuff that was kept away before i moved out of my mom's after i got married more than 7 years ago. Found almost everything except for my most beloved sewing box. I've seeked high and low but still could'nt find it. So..had to buy new tools to get started.

My sewing kit -from top (clockwise) : Chocolate container filled with embroidery thread, Rattan basket containing scissors, thread, needles, bobbins, chalks, measuring tape etc, Tupperware sewing box containing buttons, pins and some embellishments.

Now..the only thing i need now is TIME. The sewing machine has been at my house for 2 weeks now but i only get to use it twice so far. My baby knows mami has got herself a new toy thus refuses to take long naps during the day. While at night...insists that mami sleeps with him.

Anyway, if i do get to start making something and gets to finish it too, will certainly blog about it. Till then...wish me luck ;)

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