February 4, 2010

I was that person..

...who thought i could not produce enough milk for my babies. But now...i don't believe in that CRAP anymore!

I can, not only breastfeed Akif until today..41/2 months to be exact, but i breastfeed EXCLUSIVELY ! All it takes was a some knowledge and a LOT of determination. Or the other way round...which ever that suits you hehe..

Why suddenly i 'm writting about this? Well, yesterday..nope..the day before, i met a neighbour who is a babysitter. She commented that Akif is very 'tegap'. Could be because he is fully on mami's milk, she said. Then..she said the baby she's caring for, a 9 months old boy is not yet 'keras' cause he is on FM. His mother cannot produce enough milk. After that..i was not paying attention to what she said anymore ;P

For moms to be, first time mothers, a mother who is trying to give breastfeeding a second try (or like me..this was my 3rd try) or a mother who simply wants to give the best to her baby, here are what you can do :-

1. Get some knowledge on BF-all about BF, maybe from reading but most effective is by taking a BF course conducted by certified lactation counselor (LC). Go to Susuibu for further info.

2. Be mentally, physically, emotionally ready because it won't be easy. Get all the support you need especially from your husband and your immediate family. Educate them if necessary. Let them know why you choose to breastfeed your baby.

3. Get all necessary gear ready : nursing wear, nursing bra, breast pad, breast pump, nursing cover (if you think it will help you) etc.

4. INVEST in a good breast pump especially if work and determined to feed your baby exclusively. Yes, it is an investment :). Some more...get info on how/when to express, how to store, thaw, anything related to EBM.

Breastfeeding is mastered through a lot of practise. And if you have high level of patience, it will take you far...

Good Luck!

I love it that i can feed my baby anytime, anywhere :)

*Love Note : Every mom can BF

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