March 12, 2010

Other's scrap is another's treasure ^^

Here are the things i made using scraps i bought from okinokiyo.

A wristlet (very lembik cause i didn't know i had to use interfacing ;P)

The inside 

Inner pocket & gathered pocket for handphone

Card holder (please ignore my crocked stitches-it's for me anyway)

 The inside

A Patchwork Wristlet ( smaller than the previous one and with interfacing too ^_^

 Pin cushion

And this is only half of the scrap. Imagine how many more things i can make with the other half ;)

*The two non scrap material used were the green polka dot fabric and the white fabric used as lining in the 2nd wristlet (not seen in any of the pictures) and the card holder. The white lining was cut from my wedding bolster case which i have kept for nearly 8 years and have never used before cause i don't use bolster. Finally i get to use it :)

** Love Note: If you want somehing, you would do your most best  to make it yours,right?

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