March 29, 2010

Not perfect but made with tonnes of L.O.V.E

My eldest Hakimi wanted a new pencil box. The BEN10 metal pencil box that i bought for him upon entering standard one which was supposed to last at least half a year, failed to serve that long. I told him i'd make one during the school holidays.I did. I made him a pencil roll. I manage to finished it last sunday night. I made him a wallet too.

The pencil roll camouflage in black. 
Added elastic & button for closure later because it was very hassle for my son to tie the ribbon.

Inside : Pencil roll cum pencil case (velcro closure)

Wallet made from the same fabric
(1 zippered pocket, 1 money bill pocket, velcro closure)

The inside 
( please ignore my messy topstitch & un cut thread ;P)

It feels so good inside seeing my beloved using them.


  1. Cantik la wallet tu. I baru nak carik inspirasi nak buat wallet for Danial.

  2. your boys must really appreciate this .. cool gila kan boleh tayang kat kawan !




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