March 8, 2010

Sewing Tips #1 and more to come

Since i'm a newbie at sewing, my lappy is the next important thing, after my sewing machine. I sometime have to go back & forth between my machine & my lappy just to get my project done. Be it on how to put on the zipper foot, how to stitch, where turn the fabric, how to pre-wash fabrics or even how to end machine stitches.

So..instead of bookmarking every tips, i decided to share them here-one at a time. Easy for me to find and easy for other newbies too. So..for the first is..on


3 basic ways to pin

1. Pin Parallel (Vertical)

2. Pin Perpendicular (Horizontal)

3. Use Binder Clips

 For complete details, please go here

Happy sewing!

*Love Note : Sharing is caring ^_^

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