March 26, 2010

An afternoon with Rozi

The fabrics I ordered through Rozi of Rozi's Needlework has arrived. She posted about it in her blog yesterday (with my name clearly stated in the post)., yes..i have emailed her. Who would have thought she would be going to her aunt's house yesterday, which was only like 2km away from my home. So..instead having to post my order, i decided to self collect.

Rozi...a lovely lady. Her Arwen is soo..adorable. And kids enjoyed playing him with very much. And until last night Hafiy kept saying he wanted to go over to Rozi's aunt's to play :).

The fabrics i ordered

Yummy aren't they?

The mystery gift.(Rozi, i love it. Tq!)

A strawberry that opens up to become...

Tadaaa!!! A shopping bag :) is me & Rozi & our beloved children

I had a great time, Rozi. It was a pleasure meeting you. So much to talk about, so many things in common, but so little time, ya? Maybe after this we can arrange for another meet up ;)

Thanks again Rozi!


  1. Naza, I memang tertunggu-tunggu your post nih hehehehe... Likewise, great to meet you and your lovely heroes. Hopefully, it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Nak mintak permission copy gambar nak buat post at my blog plak boleh?

  2. InsyaAllah. Be my guest. Sila lah copy & paste di blog you.



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