March 25, 2010

Detik-detik berharga

Umair Akif is 6 months today.
Means so much to me cause it also means that i have fully exclusively breastfed him for 6 months.
And that i have been taking care of him 24/7 for the past six months.
I became a SAHM on the day Akif was born.
None of his brothers had these privileges. 
And that is why mami's bantal busuk ni extra extra manja la agaknya ;)

Aishah Megahasz is having a 'Detik-detik Berharga' contest and this is the picture i had choosen to enter.

 Baby's name : Umair Akif Al-Amin b. Khairul Amin
DOB : 25th September 2009
Age when pic was taken : 14 days

In this picture are my three sons. Detik-detik berharga because this is their 1st picture together. It was taken before abang kimi goes to his kindi for Hari Raya Celebration. Every one was happy and lil Akif too was not moody nor cranky. My prayers..moga mereka adik-beradik rapat, baik sesama sendiri, sayang menyayangi selama-lamanya dan menjadi anak yang soleh, insyaAllah.

The contest ends today at 5pm. Lots of interesting prizes are up for grabs. So..for those interested, still got time. You can go here for the details.

Here are the lists of sponsors who are sponsoring the contest.

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