April 20, 2010

Aren't they yummy..

Yayy!! They are finally here. The first time i laid my eyes & my hands on them i was mesmerised. No other word to describe them but G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! I pre-ordered the fabulous designer fabrics from Zura.

At first rasa sangat sayang nak potong. But then..i made these..

Two Tone Wristlets

and these

Cosmetic Clutches

*terlupa nak letak nama item plak tadi ;)

I have a few more but saving them for later lah pulak ;)

FYI..all the above are available & for sale. Interested, email me at itsydoodles@yahoo.com.


  1. Memang gorgeous hehehe. patutlah kena ban

  2. memang yummylicious .. apa ..? kena ban..?? sapa ..?

  3. Rozi : shhh.....rahsia hahaha
    Anique : Dlm sebulan byk sgt menstashing..so kena ban la kejap huhu.. ;)

  4. LOVE what you made out of them! Simple designs let the beautiful fabrics take center stage. Thank you for being such a wonderful customer/blog friend! :)

  5. Thanks zura! And thank you for making it easy for us to get our hands on the beautiful fabrics. Just four simple steps - Choose (the hardest part) -> Order -> Pay -> Wait for them to reach our doorstep. No hassle ;D



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