April 28, 2010

Tummy binders for newborns a.k.a Barut

A dear old friend called me on a one fine day. She was looking for some barut gantung for her new niece. She asked me if i could make some. I thought...hey! i can sew.  So,why not? (walaupun tak pernah tengok barut gantung ;P). En. Google kan ada hehe. It looks like dulu-dulu chinese punya undergarment. Can't recall the name. D something something i think. Anyone has a clue? Please share with me.

This design is my fav. For girls..on a hot day like today, can be worn by itself. I use flannel as lining so i suppose it can still keep the baby's tummy warm ( tummy binders are worn to prevent baby from becoming 'windy'. One of many Malay's belief). As for the front, i use Ikea cotton for this one. And the rest...Japanese cotton bought from local textile store. 6 pieces all together.

Besides that, she also ordered 3 normal binders. They are made using printed flannels.

Wanie, thanks for the order. Hope your SIL likes them ;)

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