April 29, 2010

Step by step guide on how I prepare my baby's first solids

This is my version of making my baby's first solid. Since we live in a country where rice is our staple food, i made rice porridge for my baby. And this one here is added with carrot:-

1. Put in a pot half a cup of rice with plenty of water (i didn't measure). Leave to boil & let the rice gets soft and fluffy.

I used filtered water for cooking by the way

2. Add in grated carrot. Cook for another 5 minutes.

3. Put rice in a blender / food processor & blend until fine.

( this food processor comes with a few containers for blending so then one i use is only for processing baby's food. For processing other food stuff like chilies, onions etc, i use a different container. This food processor may not be branded but has served me for almost 8 years now :)

4. Pour all back into the pot, let it simmer a little then turned off the stove. Let porridge cool to room temperature* Add some water if it is too thick

5. I would normally keep in containers like these. I put in 2-3 ladle (senduk) full of porridge per container. It can make up to 4-5 serving of porridge. I would store 2 (for day 1 and day 2)in the fridge and the other 2 in the freezer (for day 3 and 4)

I labeled the containers with  Akif's initials so that it will not be used for other food like sambal belacan ;)

How rice porridge with carrot looks like

And this is how rice porridge with spinach (bayam) looks like.

Let's exchange recipes if you know any good & delicious ones.

Love Note : To know about the basic 4 days rule, visit Ibufarish's blog here.


  1. Arwen suke apples. I tak simpan rice takut rosak. what i do is I blend apples ke, broccoli ke, keledek ke, carrots ke, all separately. kalau keledek tu, i rebus sampai lembut la. pastu, i letak dlm icetrays. bila dah beku, i transfer dlm ziplock bag and label date i buat puree tu. so, at times i akan ambik 2 cubes of apples with 2 cubes of brocolli to encourage Arwen to take green. she never knows the difference. 1 cube tu cam 5 oz of baby food. so you can roughly know how much your baby take.

  2. i pun selalu wat camtu, simple mimple je. tapi tak simpan coz 4 n 7yrs old brother to waidi yg akan finish it off + kicap! hehe..

  3. salam kenal,

    try le bubur nasi + tauhu putih pula. protein kan, sedap pulak tu :)

  4. Salam Lynn,
    Aah kan.tak pernah try pulak utk baby. Biasanya dh > setahun, dh makan nasi lembek baru try bubuh dlm sup.

    Thanks for the idea ya!

  5. instead of tanak nasi tu then blend, ape kata try kisar beras samapr hancur sebelum masak.. (cuci dulu tau pastu keringkan baru kisar).. simpan beras kisar ni dalam 1 bekas kedap udara..

    bila nk masak, boilkan air then just add beras kisar ni..( i prefer brown rice).. cepat je lembut...

    kalau nak tambah carrot atau spinach atau epal..stimkan then blend.. simpan dalam ais kiub bertutup.. nak makan baru panas 1 or 2 kiub campur ngan nasi tadi..



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