April 19, 2010

Akif has started solids & his mami made bib

After 6 months of fully BF, Akif's 1st solid was plain blended rice porridge. He was ever ready & very eager to eat his first meal. It was a pleasant start for both of us. With the two abangs, they started with rusks & baby cereal. They didin't really liked it at first. Thought of giving the same food to Akif. But during Susuibu SGM last months where i met mama Kamariah, i asked her and she said " Bagi dia apa yang u makan. Cereal...chances are he is not going to like it". Glad i took her advice :)

About the bib...made this bib a week ago..on a bright Sunday morning. Ayah took the two abangs to the playground at Taman Tasik Cempaka. I 'purposely' didn't want to join because i wanted to work on the bib while Akif have his morning nap. The plan worked...kinda.

Made the bib using dino fabric i ordered from Rozi. See my entry about the cute fabric here. As for backing, i used printed flannel in baby blue. This bib is reversible. Ohh..i used velcro for fastening. It was my time sewing bias tape. Wasn't so hard but had to go very slow because it was shaped round all over.

Dah seminggu baru Akif rasmikan. Then afterwards, abg.Hafiy ( pic not taken ;) pun nak pakai jugak..belasah...


  1. Tengok muke Akif serious je... senyum la sket...

  2. Dok aihhh..beli kat kedai. Blom ada bias tape maker lagi. Dalam wish list (yg pjg berjela2).
    Akif mmg cmtu..kerut je..



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