April 24, 2010

What have i been up to?

Plenty! Mostly..as a Stay At Home Mommy..i have been busy with my 3 kids..(ahh.biasa la tu, kan?). .It is not easy to manage time when you have a baby who breast feed on demand, actively crawling, constantly exploring and also a 3 years old tot who is curious to learn new things and love every moment of homeschooling with mummy. Alhamdulillah, my 7 years old is big enough to do some things by himself so, minimal supervision needed only. And house chores...i dare not start...too many to mention here :D

Despite the long list of things to do daily, i make sure i can squeeze sewing/crafting in my schedule (don't ask me how i do it hehe..). Amazed by  what i discovered in the crafting world , crafting has now made me a Work At Home Mommy wannabe...Hence the birth of my now opened blogshop, Itsy Doodles Shop. 

Itsy Doodles sells things i enjoy & love making such as BFF pillow & pillow case, purses (of course) and also offers personalising service. Response have been overwhelming so far, Alhamdulillah.

Do visit my blogshop & construstive comments are  welcome :)

Itsy Doodles is also on Facebook so check us out there too.

Thanks & have a wonderful day!


  1. wahh Congratulations on your newly opened shop !!! it must be quite a journey to finally open up ur own ....

    I hope one day insyaAllah i ll follow suit


  2. Hai anique,

    Thanks a lot! And thanks for dropping by.
    Waiting for u to join the other side of the craftzone ;)



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