May 5, 2010

English Bouquet bags & bellow pockets too :)

When you see the beautiful flowers, they immediately reminds you that Mothers Day is approaching, right? I specially made these for the occasion. These bags turned out great as i sought 'consultations' from Ms Sue and Ms Rozi. Thanks so much you guys!

Bag no.1..the one in lavender, i didn't have enough material for the pocket so it doesn't have any. My second, comes with inner expandable pockets a.k.a bellow pockets. I followed MyBotang tutorial for the pockets. It was awesome! And super easy to follow. I was smilling with delight to have successfully made the pockets. Click here for the tutorial.

For those who might be interested in these bags, they are available at my Itsy Doodles Shop.


  1. lawanya ... nampak anggun lah kan siap dgn scarf !


  2. hehe..hai anique. Tq for stoping by. Tu nak bagi naik seri hehehe

    Tq Lynn :)



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