May 22, 2010

A 'crime' had been commited

It was well planned. Even though it was delayed for 2 weeks, on a beautiful Wednesday morning, our mission was accomplished. Hehehehe. We (me & my two sidekicks) took off from Bangi @ 0900hrs heading for my partner's in crime, Rozi's house in Putrajaya. ETD to our 1st destination which was CottonZone@Tesco Mutiara Damansara was at 0930hrs. Though we were a little behind schedule (i took a wrong turn odw to Rozi's house, i had to load my 2 kids + diaper bag + akif's carrier into Rozi's car, Rozi had to turn back to double check her house..and lucky for me she did that coz i left my Mei Tai on her porch). Despite all that, we however managed to arrive on time @1030hrs.

CottonZone...Lovely cotton collections.We feasted our eyes looking at the beautiful range of cotton fabrics.
There were no plans to buy any so we successfully left without even a metre of fabric ;P

Next, we headed to Daiso. Daiso @ The Curve has a slightly different range of crafting supplies than Daiso@IOI Mall. Here, i bought some pre-cut poly batting & a pack of metal snaps (it comes with an anvil).

From Daiso, we went straight to Craft World which was located in SS2, PJ. It was my first time there. I was in awe when i entered Craft World. I brought a list. So i had to keep telling myself to stick to the list i made. Kalau ikut nafsu...habis la.. So out of  7 items in my list, i went home with 4. Ok la tu,kan? I bought a 3/4 inch Clover bias tape maker, 2 clasps for keys and 2m of cotton webbing. And..i got to feel Kona Cotton too. So soft & the colours..Aaahhh...Simply delicious:D

Did i mentioned that we went to all those places with a toddler & 2 babies? How we managed that, i don't have a clue. Hafiy jumped, ran and even rolled on the floor at Craft World. I tried bribing him with McD afterwards if he behaved but it didn't work at all.

We safely reached Rozi's crib @ 1400hrs. I lepak some more before leaving @ 1630hrs. By the time me and my kids got home, we were already tired. At the end, I didn't only get my supplies but also had to deal with two cranky & over tired kiddos. Well, if that's the price I have to pay to do something I like or go places i want, then what the heck. After all, I am a supermom, aren't I? Aren't we all? :)


  1. Yup! supermom alrite! I just can imagine...pening maa..hehe..i envy u laa....i have no SAHM friends here that i can lepak around with, my best friend is staying in JB rite now,we used to hang round like this, mommies n babies, window shopping, lepaking, eating out. Owh, i missed my life back then... huwa!!! kawan2 baru not the same...;(

  2. Hahaha. good job. Malas nak blog so nanti i link to ur blog post je la yek? Bukan selalu pun nak buat shopping expedition nih. Waiting your Nilai Square post pulak hehehe

  3. Sara : Kebetulan je jumpa Rozi ni. All sbb bercrafting ni lah hehe. Kalau tak dulu..terperuk kat rumah..tengok siling, dinding je KALAU ada free time.

    Rozi : Nilai Square u lah buat posting. Bukan i sorang je yg 'bersopping' ;)

  4. yeah supermom.u go girl!

    shopping ni namanya innocent crimes, lol

  5. salam sis..nak tanya, kat craft world tu, cotton webbing berapa RM semeter? Thanks!



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