May 21, 2010

Pants for Hafiy & Akif

Finally...SIAP! 2 pairs of mami sewn pants. For Hafiy and Akif. Kimi? Err..takde. Not yet..for the time being. Why? Hehe..i myself do not know ;P

It took Durra 10 minutes to sew 2 pants. Wow! Read about it here. How long you think it took me?  Well..for non expert that i took me a day to finished it. Even had to do a lot some tetas-tetas work. Anique, i was jack throughout this simple project. (it was not simple to me okeh..But now it is hehehe). I made a 3/4 pants for Hafiy & a long pants for Akif.

Thought of letting my boys wear those pants on our day's out with Rozi yesterday. Oh..we went to CottonZone@Tesco Mutiara Damansara, Daiso@The Curve and  Craft World, PJ. Bought some supplies & notions ^^. Will blog about our outing later ;). Back to the pants...after putting the pants on the kids, i thought they looked like they were wearing jammies so..tak jadi. Took the pants off and let them wear their normal store bought pants instead.

Love Note : So..what do you think? Can the pants pass as normal daily..outing pants or should they just be PJ's pants?


  1. Akif is sooo BOLAT.. gerammm :D loving the pants.. maybe it's the stripe but they do look rather like jammies.. maybe same pattern in plain solid colours would be ok for outing.. nonetheless, good job on the pants, ada pocket tak??

  2. ya la ... kalau Dura 10 min you satu hari .. ai ..payah la sikit .. mau makan 3,4 hari ...2 hari tu sebab asyik tetas saja .... but the boys look comfortable in them .... happy saja baby comel dgn abang hensem tu ... kalau i buat tak sampai 2 jam sure terkoyak nanti.... well done

  3. Sue : Tu lah keluar i pakaikn jugak la sbb pegi tempat biasa2 je. Tp dh nak tak nak mmg reminds people of jammies. pockets. So lg la cam jammies kan? hehehe

    Anique : ohh..diorg sgt selesa. Hehe..cubalah jahit. kita tgk koyak ke tak ;)

  4. hi Naza, congrats, u berjaya jahit pants dengan cantiknya :) the boys pun nampak selesa je.kalo mcm ni, more pants to come soon lah hehe..
    yup agree with sue on stripe fabrics = jammies. lepas ni try jahit plain color fabric pulak yah :)
    well done!

  5. Hoho..Guru Besar dah datang terjah..berapa bintang saya dapat cikgu? Hehehe..

    TQ dura..u lah sumber inspirasi i utk seluar ni. Next camo pants plak...tunggu...



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