May 24, 2010

My not so new diaper bag

I made this a couple of weeks back. I made it EXTRA big so that I can put all my kids' necessaries and my own stuff all in one bag. Upon finished, i still find my bag not big enough. But..if i want it any bigger, than i might as well use Ikea shopping bag. LOL!

Two front pockets for my keys, phone, etc.

Two side pockets - one for Hafiy's sippy cup, one for my drinking bottle. Akif's sippy cup is placed inside the bag (Imagine the extra weight i'm carrying ;p)


Four inside pockets with elastic. Very roomy don't you think (Still not enough, huh?)

* Thanks Rozi for the snap buttons :)

Love Note: What is your dream diaper bag? 
                   If you can't find it anywhere, maybe i can make one for you *wink*


  1. cantik nyer snap button tu hehehe... bag pun cantik :)

  2. i likeeee ...sweet .... siap dgn poket serbaguna !


  3. chomel nye....jual la 1 kt sy...

  4. Cantik? Sweet? Comel? Hehehe..tq!tq! Kembang setaman p*ngg*ng ku :D

    Ibudhani..awak nak ke? Boleh je..Nnti kita contact awak ek ;)

  5. nk2x!!!nk sebijik corak mcmni...hehehe... ni email kte kalo bole nk mintak tlng watkan nursing cover jugak...yg chomel2 jgak...bp rm ye both? thx

  6. Naza, u jahit pakai interfacing tak?
    btw, cantik & very practical.
    diaper bag dah lama ada dlm my long list of to-do-list, tp sampai sekarang belom jahit huhu..

  7. Hai dura..

    Thanks...tapi dah comot bag nye..sbb putih kan huhu..
    Wah..sampai semenanjung baru sempat singgah ye ;)
    Medium weight interfacing fuse on lining fabric je. Outer takdak.

  8. comeyyynyeee...e-mail me quotation yee...



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