May 19, 2010

Teeth - Latch - Pain

Do you see them? His lower incisors surfacing?
As much as i love my busuk masam..lately i dread every time he wants to nurse.
Before he latches, he will first take a bite.
Despite the unforgettable pain, i enjoy every moment nursing Akif.
Praying that may the moment lasts for as long as it can.

Love Note : What do you do when your baby bites when he latches?


  1. Naza, comelnyer akif ;)
    when waidi bites, i seluk je my little finger dlm mulut dia then lepaskan , i then tell him, if waidi bites no nenen, hehe..
    he understands! ;)

  2. ouchh!
    yup it hurts but will never stops me from bf my emir too :)

    btw, Akif sangat cute!

  3. I sekarang terpaksa pura2 dh immune dgn pain tu. So..nak bf je..muka i kerut jap (ni sbb bayangkan sakit yg akan dirasai hehehe;)..then ouch! jap..then ok. Kalau sakit sangat..i akan tepuk la pipi nye yg tembam itu..So dia akan let go & latch elok2..

  4. It’s a thing with the boys kot. Arwen dah 7 and a half gigi dah bersusun kat depan, jarang gigit I. Danial dulu 2 batang pun dah gigit. My fren yang ada 4 org hero bagi tip nih kat I, kalau baby gigit, tampar sikit pipi dia, kena buat everytime dia gigit la, baru dia paham n stop.



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