March 5, 2011

Congratulations Tab & Razif

My cousin Razif wed his sweetheart, a bubbly & sweet thai girl, Tab in late 2009. I remembered going to their reception (groom's side) when I was still in confinement after given birth to Akif. And middle of last month, they were blessed with the birth of their daughter, Sofea. I hope I get the name & the spelling right. I have yet to meet the new parents and their baby. Tab is doing her confinement in JB at my aunty's (her in laws). They will only be coming back to KL middle of march.

Right after I was done sewing for lil Umar, I took advantage of my sewing-baby-stuffs mood to sew this diaper pouch as a present for them. (Yup! this diaper pouch was made weeks back. Tak ingat belum publish). Diaper pouch is super great to have when going out. This one has one pocket on the outside and I made a matching changing mat lined with flannel in bold fuschia pink to go with it. Along with the diaper pouch is a matching big butt baby pants.

Love the size. This pouch can hold up to 3 pieces of diapers and a change of clothes.

Closes with snap button- quick & easy!

Top view. Don't You just love the fact that you can put in almost everything it this pouch? Pocket in front is suitable for travel size baby wipes, baby oil / lotion and even nappy rash cream. Hmmm..maybe I should make one for myself too ;)

Last I checked, this gift has safely arrived in JB. Hope both Tab & Razif enjoy this gift. Welcome to the world of parenthood! And have a wonderful one too....



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