March 15, 2011

More Moon-ie Bags

Remember the Moon-ie bag I made last two weeks? The experiment bag? Well, an ex-schoolmate, Ratna decided to make it hers. While Zura, the friend whom in a way inspired the making of this bag, changed her mind on the Moon-ie bag and opted for the Itsy Hobo Sling bag instead :).

Here's the hobo bag I made her. In Lacework in Olive by Amy Butler from her Lotus Collection. It has 1 zippered pocket and 2 slip pockets inside.

As for the Moon-ie bag,  I fell head over heels in love with the pattern so over the weekend I made another THREE *grin*. The first bag took me a day and a half to complete. I forgot which step comes before which. This pattern doesn't have a manual since it was discovered through a trial and error method (and by referring to a few tutorials, of course). And I didn't jot anything down while making it the first time. Alhamdulillah, the other two...didn't take me as long to complete.

Know what I love most about these bags? The zipper pull :). Made a matching fabric zipper full for the bags.

To view more of these bags, click here.

Love Note : How's your day so far? Mine has been great! And about to get more ceria (and kelam-kabut) as I have to babysit my 2 1/2 months old nephew today. His babysitter is unwell and his mommy has to go to work. 4! Bring it on hehehe. Ermmm..I may need some luck so send some to me ya ;)..


  1. Aza.. dah training for the 4th one ke hehhee..

    the moon-ie bag looks gorgeous lerr.. like it

  2. I love love the first bag tu Aza .. the zipper pull is so original ! 4 boys to handle ... boleh kurus tu !

  3. gorjes la beg nie..nurul skrg tgh study nak wat adjustable strap cmtu gak..

  4. @Mila :
    Haha...ada rezeki, apa salahnye :). Thanks Mila. Kain gojes menghasilkan barang yg gojes ;) Apakah?

    @K.ann : Thanks k.ann. I super love the zipper pull. Kurus..hmm..idak le.3 boys pun tak kurus..takat tambah lagi satu..takde burn extra kalori hahahaha..

    @Nurul : Thank you Nurul :). Do give it a try. Akak pun membelek ready made sling bag utk tahu mcmana nak jadikan tali tu adjustable. Btw, u make beautiful stuffs too. Love the way you coordinate your fabrics :)

  5. Salam ziarah sis, cantiknya beg, bentuknya sangat menarik!

  6. I love those moonie bags, love the shape & zipper closure:). Ada jugak tengok tutorial tu tp nak eksperimen lambat sikit laa. What type of interfacing did you used for the moonie bag?
    Good luck babysitting 4 boys..mesti meriah..hehe

  7. @ Tini : TQ sudi ziarah. And TQ for your generous & kind words :)

    @ Bea : I know what u mean. A bag with zipper for closure..berpeluh2 hehehe. Believe it or not, did not use any interfacing. Hanya 4 keping kain & jatuh cantik aje :).

    Dah selesai tugas babysitting 4 boys. The guest went home already. Back to 3 boys-of my own...hahaha. The chaos never ends at my house ;).Thanks for stopping by ya :)

  8. really gorgeous!! semua cantekk!

  9. TQ Rosh for your kind compliment & for taking the time to stop by :)



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