March 2, 2011

Just Akif and Welcome Aboard Spidey!

Here's Akif..trying to free himself from being wrapped in his towel. It was amusing  to see how he struggles to free himself (it was..really! hehehe)....and to see how delighted he was when he succeed :).

 All wrapped up

Trying his best....

Almost there...

Yayyy!!! I did it!...See the smile?

By the way, did you notice something new in the pictures? I'm happy that I can finally use my little trademark / avatar, Itsy Spider a.k.a Spidey as my  watermark. Thanks to Rozi, of Rozi's Needlework who did an AWESOME job at cropping and grayscaling the spidey image I sent her. I could not do it using Photoscape..(maybe because I didn't know how?hmmm..). So I sought help form a Photoshop master *wink*. So Rozi, thank you!

A brief story on how this blog got its name.This blog was named after one of my children's favourite nursery rhyme- Itsy Bitsy Spider. Obviously the name Itsy Bitsy has looong been taken by others so..I decided to name this blog 'Itsy Doodles' - A place where I (am supposed to) write about my lovely itsy bitsies. Spidey was made realised by my sister, Nadira. Gave her a picture of how I want spidey to be...and voila! :D

Thanks again Rozi! You made my day :)

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