July 24, 2010

My July S.E.X

S.E.X is a short form for Stash Enhancing Expedition. Rozi blogged about it here. Since then, it had been a favourite word to use between the two of us sambil gelak2 *wink*

My parcel from MyBotanG arrived yesterday. I was waiting anxiously for it to arrive as few crafters who shopped with her have received theirs. I was smiling to my ears while opening :D

Got myself some 1/2m fabbies, FQ, FEs, a Scrab bag & a MyBotanG Bento bag in Koto Print exclusive made by Sue (love it!)

Designer fabrics from Lovemelots. Oh so GORGEOUS!

Ikea pinking shears.
(Tumpang kapal Rozi hehehe.)

One problem though...sayang pulak nak potong. How? Have you ever had this feeling? Wish i could just keep them...forever and ever hahahaha

Love Note : To my darling husband, TQ for sponsoring my MyBotanG purchase :)
(DH and Sue were classmates back in high school. I got to know her from the crafts first though, before DH told me about it. What a small world we live in ;)


  1. Glad to see the parcel has arrived :D and happy to konw that you like them.. *truly happy* Thank you for the purchase.

  2. Salam Azaidris...Kak Rose baru lah dapat berkunjung ke your blog.Suka kain2 dari LOVEMELOTS,esp yang ade gambar muffins tu.Thanx for sharing....jap lagi nak berlabuh di lovemelots

  3. @ Sue : Masih tak habis membelek lagi :D. And you bag..beautiful craftmanship!

    @ Kak Rose Nykolett : TQ sudi singgah. Jemputlah ke Lovemelots. Confirm takmo balik punye hehehe

  4. saya pon beli kain jugak ngan zura n sue... asyik tengok jer kain tuh, tp tak potong2 hahahaha

  5. naza, fabrics are the best SEX ever! haha

  6. @ Mila : Kan..kan...sayang je nak potong

    @ Dura : I totally agree hahaha



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