July 27, 2010

I need help with my free motion stitch....PUHLEASEEEE!

I have been hit by the free motion sewing wave started by Anique of Craftzone Malaysia.
Tini has tried it.So has Durra. And i'm sure there are others who have already mastered the technique.

Me..however, failed BIG time.
I don't know where did i do wrong.
The thread nak bergumpal (tangle) jugak.
I have lowered the presser foot. Put in the thread correctly. Set the tension thread to '0' Semua ok kalau jahit biasa. Tapi bila nak jahit free motion je..tak jadi :(.

I bought the foot, then the ram-ram (hoop). First i tried without the ram-ram (i find the name ram-ram a little funny). First time tahu when anique mentioned it to me hehehe. Many did well without the ram-ram. But when i failed to hold the fabric without kejang-kejungkan my hands, i decided to buy the ram-ram (thinking maybe i'm a little s.l.o.w in that matter so..takpelah). Tapi..tak jadi jugak. I've googled, read tips, watched videos..the only problem is..benang masih bergumpal jugak! Mula2 ingat gumpal kat benang bawah. Bila tukar bobbin thread colour lain...rupanya it was benang atas yg bergumpal. So pelik! Made me wonder..is it me or it is my 'antique' machine?

 free motion foot

plastic cover to cover the feed (cannot lower)

tension thread set at 0

stitch - running stitch

stitch length : 3.5
Here are some pictures of my blunders. To those who might have tips & clues and maybe the answer to my misery..please leave a comment ya! Thanks! Appreciate it very much :)

Tried on interfacing material
Pictures : Left - front, Right : back

Tried on fabric
Pictures : Left - front, Right : back

Tried on fabric
Pictures : Left - front, Right : back*
* used contrast colour for bobbin thread : showed that the upper benang yg bergumpal..kenapa ye?

I really really hope you..or any sewing Otai @ Guru out there can somehow enlighten me on this. And i  hope it is me..not my sewing machine. Coz if it is my machine..i don't think i can afford to get a new one at the moment huhuhu..


  1. hmmm why dont u try increasing the thread tension and see what happens ....

    good luck !

    nanti kasi tau balik jadi camna ok


  2. Thanks for the tip kak ann. will give it a try :)

  3. salam,
    kadang2 terjadi jugak dekat saya, mmg tension!! as mension by anique, check the tension of the thread. kalu tak leh check sekochi tu, kadang2 kita tak perasan ada benang bergumpal dlm tu, kalu tak leh jugak check kedudukan benang tu, maksudnya, sebelum benang ke posisi jarum kita akan masukkan benang2 ke tmpt2 nya kan (huhuhu tak reti plak nak explain part ni) give it a try yea, kalu berjaya bgtau ;)

  4. i tak pakai ram sebab macam tak muat dgn my sewingmachine. pasal thread tu, kadang2 jadi jugak pd i, tapi after few trial&error, dia jadi cantik balik. selalunya i tak adjust tension benang pun tapi i adjust length&width benang tu. works for me. lain mesin, lain ragamnnya kan. keep on trying ok.

  5. kalau my machine, kena naikan dulu benang bawah.. baru start jahit (eventho, kalau tak naikn ianya bole jer terus jahit - sorry ayat berterabur skit)

  6. To Mommy loves craft, Dura & Mila, TQVM sudi singgah & share ur tips & experiences.
    InsyaAllah will give them all a try. Kalau ada post on it, makan jadi lah tu heheheh. Kalau belum ada..faham2 je lah...

    Thanks again y'all...



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