July 29, 2010

Little Missy Tote

Have been wanting to make totes for girls. Had an idea on the design. Gave it a try, but it was a little complicated to make. After all, it is meant for girls. So it should be sweet, nice & simple.
Consulted my 'partner-in-crime' and she emailed me an idea.

Here's the results : Delish Missy Tote

For further details, hop over to Itsy Doodles Shop.


  1. sweet n cantik .. kalau buat beg mengaji Quran sure cute !! Ustazah yg mengajar nganji pun buleh jeles .. err muat tak dgn muqaddam ?

  2. Naza...soalan k-poh..fabric u pakai jenis apa ye??

  3. cute. applique cupcake tu jahit mesin ke jahit tangan?

  4. @ K.Ann : TQ. Err..saiz nye kecik kemetot je. Buku Iqra' muat lah (kot). Nnti ukur dgn anak nye buku iqra', then i'll let u know. Tapi kalau nak masuk rehal semua..confirm tak muat heheh

    @ K.Ayu : Tu plain heavy cotton

    @ Dura : TQ :). Applique tu zig zag dgn machine je. Tapi interface dulu w kertas gam (yg utk leher baju kurung tu). It will fray a little in time tapi mmg nak bg fray skit2 pun.



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