July 24, 2010

Fun Playing - The Hafiy's Way

I believe that kids learn through play & imagination. I was going to fold the pile of clothes.But as soon as i longgok kan baju, Hafiy said "Wahh..sampah, tanah. Mami, nak main boleh?"Since mami got other thing mami can do first, so mami let him play with the pile of sampah/tanah clothes.He right away made his own excavator & starts to dig & pick up the sampah/tanah clothes.Akif played too hehehe.

The body of the excavator is the tong merah. Yang blue long thingy tu utk pick up things hehehehe

However, the fun ended when mami decided to fold the clothes *Boo Mami*. Hafiy was upset for a while.

Hafiy dear,
There will be more piles of sampah/tanah clothes you can play with next time. And the piles will never surut as long as you, abang & adik keep soiling & changing your clothes 2-3 times a day ;). By the way, one load of clothes are ready to be folded today. Want to play?

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