July 6, 2010

Pengaruh rakan tak sebaya jugak

Title pinjam Durra punya idea *wink*

It was my first time sewing something wearable for myself. A peasant blouse. A shirred peasant blouse. Kind of a sew along between me and Rozi. She emailed me the tutorials about 3 weeks back. She made hers already. Read about it here. I finally get to worked on mine last week, as i managed to finished my June orders early.

My partner in crime keep telling me not to use this fabric as it is 100% japanese cotton. Therefore it will not 'jatuh'. But my hands were so itchy to sew & i didn't have time to go to any fabric store to buy more kain. Dengan degilnya determination, i took measurements, cut, send for serging and sew myself the blouse. Everything was ok except the sleeve part. Though i measured & cut the sleeve long, it ended up 3/4. the first 3 inches were pulled up as the shoulder part ( i didn't know that ;).

I have always wanted to try shirring. So, i gave it a try. On the sleeves. These tutorials here, here and here helped a lot. And because this blouse has not 'cut' and since it was made of cotton, when i put it on, it went kembang setaman. I looked like a barrel LOL! To loose the kembang effect, i shirred a little under the bust line. Didn't helped much but oklah. Tang pinggang acik, nampak la ada pinggang ;). Still has the kembang effect on the bust area though. Made me b**bies seem bigger than they really are LOL!  I don't think i can wear it 'alone'. Must 'pair' it with Akif. Like so..


Punya la tak excited nak pakai walaupun baju tak la cun mana, dah jalan baru perasan baju masih ada kesan pencil merah-merah hahaha..

Love Note : What do you feel the first time / everytime you wear your own made item?

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