July 2, 2010

Finally, A Giveaway...(ermm..not mine ya)

It all started with THE SALE. MyBotanG to most or for some Ms.Sue, is coming  home to Malaysia mid of this month. In conjuction with that, she is having a 'small' sale for those who follows her blog,  and her work especially. The sale was on for 3 hari 3 malam. It made some people especially yours truly makan tak kenyang, mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena. Everyone wanted a taste of true Japanese fabric. So..most of the fabric were grabbed in a click of a mouse.

For those who follows MyBotanG, would know her signature bags- the Odekake, Hippo Hobo and the latest D' Lavender. For those who has yet to know her, click here and dwell yourself with her beautiful handmade. Her work is truly OAKK (one-of-a-kind). And very fresh & inspiring too.

I myself managed to grab a few items during the sale (abis berlobang poket ku huhu). Among the many few that i grabbed, my favourites are the KOTO fabby (in the scrap bag) & the Fat eighth in blue which are all original Jap prints. Can't wait to have them in my hand :).

And now..MyBotanG is having a giveaway. How can i resist from entering? Look at the cute prints. 2 sets awaits. Hope I'm one of the lucky ones ;). Tempting, right? Then try your luck here. The winners will be announced on the 12th July 2010. Good Luck!


  1. thank you for your kind words.. *HUGS* and for spreading the words around.. trully appreciate it.

  2. I ikhlas..from the bottom of my heart. Your passion, your sincerity in your work..jelas terpancar :). Tak lokek pulak tu ;)



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