January 26, 2011

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Pictures of Akif munching on an Apple. Yes! He can finish the whole apple, if he wants too. This little boy has a big appetite when it comes to food. Oh, btw, Akif is wearing the Okinokiyo Sunhat he won from Fashiono.my giveaway contest.


  1. ahhhh .. hat yg lawa ! credit to Sue ! Akif makan syoknya tengok ... terus makcik Ann rasa lapar (makcik youuu)...


  2. Oh Makcik Ann..TQ sudi singgah. Ada masa dtg2 la lagi ye :)

  3. Uish... tgk akif makan epal ni, teringin la pulak.. sedap sangat nmpknyer tu... dengan topi baru nyer.. sungguh bergaya makan epal.. :D

  4. Ni bar epal. Belum tgk makan benda lain. Nak mengunyah aje. Almost any food dia suka & nak makan. Ermm..except durian. Frust ayah dia hehehe



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