January 11, 2011

Handmade birthday present for dear sister and cousin..

Some of you may have read on Hafiy's 4th birthday post here. Made a drawstring backpack for him. It wasn't his birthday present though. If was one of my UFo(s). Made from scraps i received from Nykolett.  Will write about that in another post (after I'm done with another two projects from the same scrap).

My sister, Nadira celebrated her 24th birthday on the 3rd of January. She had recently completed her studies in UiTM. Initially, a chef wannabe. She took Diploma in Culinary Arts. But then, changed her mind on working in long hours in hot and stuffy kitchen. So she pursued her degree in Culinary Arts Management.

For her, i made her the sling version of the Itsy Slouch Hobo bag. When I first came out with the bag, she asked me to make the sling version. So, I decided to make her one as her birthday present. Dearest Ya, this may not be a Guess or an Esprit or even a Fossil bag. But it was made with you in mind and with lotsa L.O.V.E. Hope you like it!

For a dear cousin who stays in New Zealand and who recently commissioned me with a BIG order to take back to NZ, I made her a passport sleeve. She'll be celebrating her birthday end of this months. Read about her BIG order here.How big was her order, take a look at the pic below ;).

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