January 5, 2011

Hafiy is F.O.U.R today

Happy Birthday
Ukail Aminul Hafiy

(though is the most cengeng@ ciwek among the 3)  
(always make sure abang & adik gets their share of chocolates &ice-cream) 
(like to build his own toyland)
(adores Lionel Messi eversince World Cup. In real life.. likes to make a mess with his toys. Which kid doesn't right?)
(entertains us with his antics and off tune singing...)

The above describe only a bit of who Hafiy is.   If I were to write all of them, it would take me 2 days and 2 nights ;).

Since Hafiy models for Itsy Doodles creation (for free)..to celebrate his birthday, Itsy Doodles is having special offers for the month of January on Itsy Babies & Kids products. Hop over to the shop for more info.


  1. Happy Birthday Hafiy! Memang natural pak lawak mamat nih

  2. Thank you Aunty Rosh & Aunty Rozi :).

    @Rozi : Oh..collage ke nama nye..hehehe..Tau collage tu yg buat time P.seni @school tu :P
    Btw, tggu la nnti bila dh siap photobook. Gambar dia semua mcm yg mcm ni :)



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