January 22, 2011

From Scraps to Drawstring Backpacks and a Lunch Bag

These were the scraps I received from Nykolett about 3 months ago. I mentioned about them here. Below are the things I made from these cute fabrics.

 The scrap fabrics

Drawstring backpack for Hakimi & Hafiy. Something similar to Noodlehead's except that I adjusted the measurement according to the size of fabrics I received and I made the zippered pocket bigger. I placed the pocket higher so that it's deeper thus my boys can put in more things inside them. And my version were not lined. The size is just nice for them to back their change of clothes whenever they want to sleepover at their Tok's & Aki's house (which they did last night :) ). And with their clothes in the bag, there was still room for them to squeezed in a book or two. Their toothbrushes & pencil cases went into the pocket in front.

And for kak Ros, I made her a lunch bag. Wanted to make a drawstring backpack as well but this fabric came in cut that were longer in width rather than in height. I followed the tutorial given by Pink Penguin but made this one a non-patch one ( I'm not so into patchwork..well, not yet anyway ;). The lunch bag is quite roomy. It can fit 3 medium size food containers. In my personal opinion, this can not only be a lunch bag but it makes a great purse as well as a travel cosmetic/toiletries bag too.

I had fun sewing these 3 things. Thanks again K.Ros for these fabrics. I hope you like the lunch bag I made you...


  1. Oh yes!kak suka sangat the lunch bag..i will use it as my makeup tote beg..memang roomy..Thanx again ....

  2. Happy to know that u like the bag.
    Thank you to you too :)

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  4. mmg cantik la lunch bag a.k.a travel bag.. fabric pun cantik2 belaka.. :D

  5. @ Wallcraft : Thank you for visiting. Been to your site. Nice stuff you got there.

    @ Zila : Thank you. I pun tak sangka bag tu besar. Lepas tu rasa macam sesuai jugak kalau buat cosmetic bag sbb the drawsting closure can secures everything inside :)



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