January 21, 2011

My little man is ready for work

Finished this last night. A romper for Akif. I know you're going to say you have seen this pattern somewhere before. Yes, Rozi of Rozi's Needlework made two recently. Had this pattern for quite a while. And this fabric was the only fabric I have in stash that was in boy friendly print and enough to make an 18M size  ;).

So Rozi, this is kind of a sew-a-long between us la ye? Hehehe...Would not have made this if you did not push me into it. Well, lucky that I finally did. Akif fits into this nicely and may only last him a few weeks months (kot). This size is the largest from the pattern. Sigh~

Will put this on him today right away. Then I can take some action pictures of Akif wearing this romper. I'm sure he'll look all smart and handsome :).


  1. Did I push? I merely remind you that the biggest size is 18 months and Akif might outgrow the romper if you don’t make it soon. Glad that you took up my suggestion and wrestled your way with the pattern. Thumbs up!!!!

  2. I was just about to comment that I feel like a de ja vu.. :) but the romper is cute..love the red snaps, can't wait to see Akif in it..

  3. @ Rozi : No a bad kind of push la. Constant reminder which I appreciate very much. Happy nye dah siap. Boleh buat lagi ;)

    @ Sue : Action pictures coming...hehehe



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