January 24, 2011

Weekend sewing : Trim catcher and gang

 This trim catcher with a bright orange base really brightens up my sewing corner :)

View from the top. The gang - the pin cushion. I prefer to have mine on top of the machine.

Clothes peg holder

To hold my new sets of gigantic pegs. They are like 4 inches long! ( I might have exaggerated when I wrote 5 inches before. Sorry ;). If u think they are big, there were bigger ones than these. Thought of buying those but nahhh..they were TOO big, lol!

Kimi was amazed when he saw this peg holder. To him mami was amazing..for sewing this holder which mami can just buy at any stores. I told him " Kenapa beli bila boleh buat sendiri?" (why buy when you can make your own). He grinned as he recognised the phrase often said by Chef Dani Mirzan a character played by Pierre Andre in a currently showing TV drama series, Tiramisu @TV3.

How was your weekend? Was it a (not so) lazy one as mine? ;)


  1. hi !
    i love your machine and im trying to get one soon! have fun sewing :)

  2. sepit giant tu untuk apa ek? nak gantung projek ke?

    kalo dah minat menjahit tu, benda murah pun xnak beli, semua bleh jahit sendiri.. hehe.. kepuasan kehatian lebih penting.. :D

  3. @ Nadia : Thank you! I love it too. Hope you'll get yours soon :)

    @ Zila : Hehe..sepit baju je. Tapi sbb yg kecik selalu jatuh pastu hilang. Tu sbb beli yg besar. And because my clothes hanger pun railing jenis yg besi so lagi senang nak sepit especially kalau kain2 tebal mcm towels tu



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