February 18, 2011

Celebrate the Boy Month

It's finally here. Yayy!!!  Hosted by Dana of Made & Rae of Made by Rae. An entire month dedicated to boys clothing, boy crafts, boy style and boy ideas. And oh! Boy!..I am so thrilled.

Dana is having Kid Pants Series. Started with the Basic Pants which comes with tutorial & a free pattern.

And today, she writes a tutorial on how to lined pants.

Rae's 1st tutorial was on these cute dragon slippers

It has just been 3 days. All these and more for 30 days....wow! can't wait ! If you think you can handle 30 days of boys stuffs, to join in the party, grab a button here or here. Be sure to check their blog often as most days they will be posting twice a day.

Visit Itsy Doodles Shop to see CUTENESS and FUN we have brought in for boys...

Oh Boy....:)


  1. good project.. normally thinking about boy... limited sgt project yg boleh buat kan..

  2. Yup! I guess that's why they come up with this idea. Being a mom of 3 boys, i think this is really awesome :)



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