February 28, 2011

Celebrate the boy : Sling Bag for Hakimi

Every time Kimi sees me sew something, he would ask me who is it for. If I was not working on something for home or for the family, he would then feed me ideas on what I should sew. And that includes what he wants me to make for him. One of it is a sling bag. I made him a drawstring backpack earlier but he uses the bag to carry his Qur'an for his Qur'an reading classes.

Made the requested bag using denim fabric bought at Nagoya for the main panel & pockets and designer fabric for the flap. He had personally chosen this Ready, Set, Go -Airplanes during my recent S.E.X (stash enhancement expedition) at Etsy. When asked why he wanted a sling bag, he said he wants to wear it on outings- to put in his wallet, water bottle, books etc. I wanted to make the bag horizontal but he wanted it to be vertical instead.

Just a simple bag with 2 pockets in front

The main compartment can fit A4 size books/papers.

Kimi with his bag.

Wearing the bag during our outing to Subang Parade-Carrefour Subang last weekend.

Kimi's bag was made a little slouchy. Made a few more (with improvement on the body) to be introduced to the shop soon. In the mean time, here's the sneak preview ;).


  1. i love the bag. Cool lah !both the bag and Kimi


  2. Thanks kak ann! I think so too. Cuma kalau Mami dia pakai karang..orang kata buang tebiat hehehe.. Kimi tu jenuh suruh posing. Malu tak sudah ;)

  3. nice bag and love the flap fabric.. Kimi looks tall for a 7yo.. can't wait to see the rest of the bags in the collection.

  4. Thanks Sue :). He is isn't he? He's turning 8 this yr btw ;). Will upload when I get a break from these two kiddos :P



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