February 10, 2011

A note to remind myself

*this is a no picture post*

I've been biased towards writing about my sewing/ crafting activities ONLY. This post is to remind me why this blog was first started - for me to tell & tale about my breastfeeding journey, my sewing activities and also on babywearing, as I support natural parenting :). Thus, once in a while I have to be fair *wink*. However, my last post that was breastfeeding related was about a couple of months ago. While on babywearing..well..there were no recent post on that. Hmmm..

On babywearing...I don't baby wear as often as I used to. Akif is now 16 months old so..during groceries shopping he would sit in the shopping cart's seat. While during outings, we ( me and hubby) only wear him when necessary. Otherwise, we just let him run freely hehehhe... Besides, I do not have that many gear to write about. Still stuck with the 1 year old 'Buckle-Tai'. I wish to upgrade to an SSC but still i the midst of deciding as I'm kind of unsure whether it's necessary or is it more like to stashtify myself muahahaha.

As for breastfeeding...Alhamdulillah..still going on strong. Not much to write either..as it has been a smooth journey so far (except for a few series of blistered nipples *Ouch*). Recently my SIL gave birth to a baby boy, Umar an-Nasri. She was determined to exclusively breastfeed her baby so I helped her with whatever I can. She undergone her confinement at her hometown. Internet access was poor there so every now and then she would SMS me for tips and answers to her breastfeeding queries.

In future post(s), I am going to share on some interesting findings (on breastfeeding) I came across while looking for answers for my SIL. Some are very useful especially for first time mom.

Thank you for reading & have a nice day!



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