February 14, 2011

Welcome Umar an-Nasri

I was suppose to make a post on breastfeeding (as I mentioned here)..but it is not yet complete and still in draft mode. So i thought, another sewing post would not do this blog any harm, right?  *wink*

Umar will be 2 months old in a week. With this new addition, my parents now have 4 grandchildren and they are all BOYS. Yup! You read it right.Four boys. The first three are mine.  Lagi tunggang terbalik lah rumah Tok & Aki ;).

For Umar, Mami Naza made you a romper and a matching sunhat. This romper uses the same pattern as the one I made for Akif earlier. Made it in plain grey cotton-linen fabric enhanced with designer cotton, Mingle in Summer, at the collar, yoke (the shoulder panel), sleeves, pocket and the leg bands.  I also made you a pair of of big butt baby pants in denim with baby dino prints at the cuffs. Looking at them, well, those are about all of the things I can sew (at the moment) that's suits a little person like you. However, you may not be able to wear them yet as I made them all in sizes..ermmm..1Y and up. Oppss! Hehehe.., Worry not dear, you'd be running in those romper and pants before you know it. And I'm looking forward to that moment too :).

For my sis-in-law, I made her a nursing cover. She wanted the nursing cover to be in cute children print and specifically not in white. The only print I have in enough yardage & fit her request was this Sue Bonnet print in brown. I hope she's going to like it.

She made herself a pledge to breastfeed her baby for as long as she can. And I support her. As a new mother, it was a challenging start a first but she got through it.  And she still have a long way to go. With a lot of patience, determination and support, she will get to where she's going, insyaAllah.


  1. ur first anak sedara ke ni... seronoknya, mine is on the way.. terasa best plak nak jadi mak sedara for the first time.

    cantiknya romper n sunhat tuhh.. I bet in less than a year.. we'll see him in that.

  2. Ist anak sedara belah I la. From my husband's side dah ramai. Meriah la sikit insyaAllah lepas ni sbb sebelum ni anak I je yg dok havoc kan rumah my parents hehehe.

    Thank you mila. I bet so too :)

  3. wah, bestnyer ada baby... i pon bakal dpt 2 org anak sedara 2 bln lg... my own sis & my sis-in-law(my hubby's brother's wife)tgh mengandung.

    like d romper, d sunhat tp yg paling suka.... d nursing cover... apasal ler masa breastfeeding dulu x terpikir nk buat... still remember some people's reactions when they saw me breastfeeding in public. Mcm buat dosa walaupon bknnyer nampak pon sbb cover. Tp i buat dek jer....hehehe.. Lgpon it's good for d baby & me.
    Btw, congrats!

  4. Hi Rosh!

    Best kan ada baby :).
    My 2 sisters in law (hubby's sisters) pun tgh expecting. So tahun ni mmg meriah la :).

    Kan..bukan dulu je, sekarang pun kadang tu org masih lagi tgk semacam. Last2 i buat dunno je. Yg penting kita & baby happy, betul tak?



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