February 23, 2011

Celebrate the boy : Pants and sunhat for Kimi

Made these for Kimi about a month back. I forgot that I have not write a post on them yet. So this post come in time for Celebrate The Boy month :).

Kimi grows taller everyday.  But his waistline does not expand as fast. He gets his father's genes when it comes to weight gain I guess hehehe. Some of his casual-at-home pants are still wearable but the cuffs are already up to his ankle LOL! Senteng we call it. So I made him two 3/4 pants which I find practical yet functional. Since they are for his everyday wear, it is practical to make them in 3/4 length. Easy for him to move around without feeling uncomfortable. Functional means he can wear them for solah (prayer) without having to change to a longer pants as it already covers his aurah (properly dressed for prayers). And if we suddenly decide to go out, these pants are decent for for outings too.

I followed Novita's tutorial for the slant pockets. I love how the stripes fabric added detail to the pants.

And this sunhat...was made from what's left of the fabric used to make those pants. Added the applique taken from the t-shirt here. Kimi refused to have his full face captured for this photo. Hmmm..I wonder why  ;)


  1. tak sangka..pemalu pula anak bujang ini.. hehe.. sangat productive la kak Naza nih... :D

  2. Hehe..malu kena tempat takpe. Jgn malu tak bertempat tu yang tak nak ;).
    Biasa ajelah zila...whenever I can'curi' masa :)

  3. salam, kak nk tanya, kat mana ye akak beli jeans material ni? tq!

  4. Hi Bakul!
    Sorry tak perasan ada komen.
    Kain ni beli di Nagoya Textiles :)

  5. Oh..yg ni bukan jeans. ni corduroy. Tapi both jeans & corduroy ada jua kat sana.jeans jenis yg soft.



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